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Rev. Matsimela Mapfumo

Rev. Matsimela Mapfumo

Make It Plain

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About this Speaker

The Rev. Mark Thompson (Matsimela Mapfumo) has spent most of his life as a political, civil rights & human rights activist and organizer. He has been a part of every major social justice movement & event over the past 35 years. He has been a radio broadcaster for three decades, and he has spent over 10 years as an MSNBC commentator, as well.

Mark hosts Make It Plain, a political, human rights and breaking news live, daily, podcast. Mark’s lifelong social justice activism intersects with his years of experience broadcasting the news and issues of the day. He interviewed every candidate seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination before the presumptive nomination.

Mark was honored at the 104th Annual NAACP Convention in Orlando in July 2013 “for 25 years of crusading journalism and outstanding leadership in furthering the work of civil and human rights.”

Not only has Mark’s been a media partner to African Ancestry, he also serves on African Ancestry’s board.

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